Taco ‘ Bout an awesome deal!

Edit: July 1, 2020 – This sale is ended- However the information is AWESOME and introduces you to other products and many Great Teacher Authors providing curriculum! I hope you enjoy! Mrs. Crabtree

Amped Up Learning is partnering with many teacher authors – INCLUDING Homeschool Holiday for an awesome $2 Taco Tuesday Promotion! This is our very first promotion of this kind. We were asked to pick ONLY 2 of our favorite resources and mark them down to TACO TUESDAY special prices of $2.00 each… well as you know at Homeschool Holiday…the majority of my products ARE ONLY $2.00 to begin with…but we still plan to bring you an amazing sale, as well as introduce you to some of the products other teacher authors have on special as well.

Homeschool Holiday is PROUD to offer you their BRAND NEW Oreo Cookie Bundle. This set includes our Oreo Cookie Staking activity as well as our Oreo Cookie Taste Test. (Spoiler alert – these not only make great classroom activities – test them out this summer with your family!) Grab them Tuesday BEFORE my official blog post release! Separately these products sell for $2.00 each… Bundled $3.50 and on #tacoboutadeal Tuesday – just $2.00 making them 50% off their original price!

You can also snag our Hamburger History timeline and end of the year craftivity. Test your skills and see if YOU know the first fast food hamburger restaurant. Interactive timeline can be digital for distance learning or paper for home or classroom use. The Hamburger Craftivity is designed as an end of the year activity – but is FULLY EDITABLE in powerpoint – so the sky is the limit. Revamp it as a getting to know you for the beginning of the year, a review after reading a book or other creative idea. Separately these products sell for $2.00 each… Bundled $3.50 and on #tacoboutadeal Tuesday – just $2.00 making them 50% off their original price!

Make Each Day Count is featuring CLASSIFYING POLYNOMIALS & EVEN AND ODD FUNCTIONS. Remember this Seller from our Review? They specialize in advanced math activities. This is a great opportunity to begin, or add to your collection.

The TeacherSource is featuring their BOOK CLUBS and Poetry and Figurative Language. This Amped Up Learning seller specializes in 2-4th grade level resources and is next in line for the Homeschool Holiday Product Review series. She has generously let Homeschool Holiday know that her “shop” is always open for our school and Courtney is one of our generous donors! That doesn’t mean I’m not honest about her products… It simply means that after 20 years in a classroom myself I know how to spot a talented curriculum writer. I can’t wait to highlight her for all of my clients! You won’t want to pass up her #tacoboutadeal s.

I’m going to snap up these Science resources as they belong to the Teacher Toy Shop line of products I like to call: Science Curriculum that Teachers Itself! These products are worth every penny full price…so I’m not going to let the salsa spill and not snap these up!

If you have young learners it’s a challenge to constantly create stimulating activities to keep their minds going. Froggy About Teaching has you covered! Reviewed and fully Happy Hive endorsed! With the Kinder Letter Find resource you can make a colorful alphabet wall. Students also get their own copies to color, cut out, and glue into their ABC book journals as they learn!

My Lesson Designer is offering products that work NOW as summer sight word practice as well as a product that is perfect for back to school.

Learn 2 Grow with Jan is curriculum designed for a PLAY focused preschool. Jan believes children learn best through play, and here at Homeschool Holiday we couldn’t agree more. Her 2 resources are “timeless” learning activities that can be used for summer stimulation or as needed!

History is always engaging for learners and MAKE HISTORY FUN doesn’t disappoint. Their products do as their name suggests. They will have a collaborative poster and a lesson on the Gettysburg address with a comic twist. For $2.00? YES PLEASE!

If you are in need of some Math and distance learning options MATHEMATHS has some resources for you. Based in Italy, this teacher seller focuses on resources for middle and high school.

A-Z Infinity has more Digital Resources for you. The S.A.T.P.I.N Method uses the common sounds and when put together they can blended and segmented to read and write several simple words – SAT – SIT – PAN – PIN – TIP – TAP for example. Another great resource is the Word families – both of these are designed to give support to your early readers.

ELA in Middle school provided Homeschool Holiday with outstanding products for our very first review. Since, We have received an has an eclectic collection of resources (much like homeschool Holiday) that is appealing to multiple learning styles. This sale includes 2 of those products at an exceptional value! Who doesn’t want to play dominoes with the parts of speech! Just match the part of speech on one side of the domino to the italicized word in a sentence on another domino to play. The Myths2Movies is a fun research project!

Visit Amped Up Learning and search using #tacoboutadeal to purchase all the fantastic resources and stock up for the coming school year!

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