History in the Making….

Each Summer As part of our school work I had the Bugs keep a daily journal. They recounted the activities from the day before. These make EXCELLENT memory books.

It not only records their writing and artistic style, it records the games, books and television programs each child was into at the time.

This activity had me thinking about what mom’s across the world could do that was quick and easy now that they are working with their kids at home.

You can use an extra composition or spiral notebook if you have one on hand. Let a Teen start their own blog…Just get those thoughts on paper.

An assignment like this is NOT the time to worry about Spelling, Mechanics, Punctuation, etc… If your child ASKS for help – go ahead. Otherwise, in a Journal, whatever gets written is PERFECT.

Those of you whose school didn’t get closes (AKA homeschoolers from the start) feel free to share this idea with our new school at home friends.

May your journey continue to be Blessed!

  • Mrs. Crabtree

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