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Choosing a curriculum isn’t easy. When you have multiple children, in multiple grades, you have to choose a LOT of curriculum. Well meaning friends and family are giving you advice. You are reading article after article trying to decide what to do!

First things first. Are you looking for a subject by subject curriculum where each child has their own “grade level” or ability level materials for every subject (reading, Math, History, Science, etc) or can you group similar ages/abilities by subject depending on the number of children? This would be similar to what schools do with a combination class.  Both of these will work for a subject by subject curriculum option.

If you would like to explore using subject by subject curriculum in your homeschool, this article will help you understand more about how to accomplish that.

I also have FREE lesson planning pages for you to use! (there are also Theme based unit pages in the packet if you prefer a Topic Based Curriculum.)

Let me start by saying, even within subject by subject curriculum you can have a topic based subject. Some call this a genius hour. I like to call it free choice learning. During this time, my children were free to explore any topic of their choosing, or further explore one of the subjects they were studying in more detail. So you don’t have to completely abandon the thoughts of using a Topic Based Curriculum.

The first thing you will need to do is decide what subjects you are required or want to teach based on your homeschool regulations.

Using a classroom model the common subjects are:












Many homeschoolers add:





Each child needs books/activities/goals for each subject that aligns with their age/ability level. This sounds overwhelming but it isn’t. If you are with a Charter School, you will be assigned a credentialed teacher to help with material selection.

If you are sailing your own ship, Happy Hive Homeschool Consulting is here to help.

I have put together my tried and true recommendations for each subject. This is the list I give all my clients! The list can be YOURS too!  The recommendations are for K-6th grades.

Sign up HERE  and you will get access to the password protected page outlining the Tried and True Happy Hive Curriculum! You will also be subscribed to the Happy Hive Newsletter and get exclusive content, notifications of upcoming products and subscriber only offers!

I hope your journey is blessed!

If you are interested in having help with Curriculum and you live in California, check out Happy Hive Homeschool Consulting. – I would be happy to partner with you on this journey!

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