We all have a different reason for choosing to homeschool

We all have a different reason for choosing to homeschool. Unfortunately for homeschool families WE get asked about our reasons, unlike our public and private school counterparts. Identifying your CORE reason for homeschooling can help your answer sound less defensive.

Listen to Christy talk about this subject, and share her CORE reason for homeschooling in this video.

This post also discusses the topic, but is not a transcript of the video 🙂 

Perhaps you have several reasons for homeschooling.  You might come up with a list:

Avoid cliques and bullying

Provide a better education

Give my children the power of choice

Avoid state testing

Religious reasons

Differently abilities (IEP or Gifted)

Ultimately, you know your kids best of all. What are your instincts telling you?

One thing to remember when answering this question from well meaning friends and family is that – there is no WRONG way to go to school. We need ALL SYSTEMS. Every family is making the right choice for them. Answer their inquiries with love and kindness and most of all patience. Own your reasons without making them doubt their own choices. Invite them to a park day or event held on a traditional school holiday. Share your successes on social media. Celebrate the success of other-schooled friends. 

When you do get questions, after answering, ask questions back – keep it positive and non threatening. Ask your family and friends what they love most about their school,  and let them share! Tell them you would love to come to so-and so’s next (insert event here…. Play, awards ceremony, festival, fundraiser, etc). 

If you’d like help discovering your core reason for homeschooling – whether you’re new to homeschooling or you’ve been homeschooling for a while,  grab these free guided journaling pages to help you decide what your core reason is for homeschooling. The packet also contains a page where you can compare the top three homeschool choices in California the PSA the ISP / Charter or enrolling with a PSP like the Happy Hive. 

You can find a little bit of background information about the 4 legal options for homeschooling in California on our: 4 Legal options to Homeschool in California Page. 

Feel free to share your core reason for homeschooling in the comments section and be sure to CONTACT US with any questions or concerns about homeschooling! 

  • enjoy the journey!

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