January 1 – Apple Gifting Day

Hello and Happy Apple Gifting Day! 

Somewhere it became tradition to give apples to teachers…but today apples are for everyone. Kindness matters and an easy way to spread kindness is with a simple gift, such as an apple. 

Perhaps giving an apple symbolizes your wish for the recipient to have good health and a fruitful year. 

Start off your day by bringing apples to your neighbors, a retirement community or Veteran’s center. You can even bake apple pie or make homemade apple sauce. 

If you would like to learn about apples in your homeschool or classroom Johnny Appleseed is a great starting point. 

If you are looking to add to your library here are some personal recommendations: 

This book is a rhymed text with illustrations that relate the life of John Chapman, whose distribution of apple seeds and trees across the Midwest made him the legend we know as “Johnny Appleseed”. Part of the “WHO WAS” series – this book is sure to be a favorite for multiple ages. This Tall Tall adaptation was a FAVORITE in both my home and classroom. If you are looking for a little science behind apple growing for the younger learner: Or perhaps you would like to begin growing them at home! What a great idea!

At the very least, remember it is APPLE GIVING DAY, so please visit your local store, pick up some apples and give them away!

Here are FREE TAGS you can print (I suggest printing on cardstock) to help you accomplish that goal!

Punch a hole and attach to your apple with a cute ribbon.

I hope to see you tomorrow for another fun Homeschool Holiday to explore- because there is always something to learn!

With Love,

“Mrs. Crabtree”

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