When Mrs. Crabtree calls in sick…

Yesterday Mrs. Crabtree had a migraine, so she called in sick. I handed the bugs a package of brown lunch bags and they had access to all their other “crafty” supplies…
so this morning I wake up to this:

I *think* that is quackers inside 2 bags….

Miscelaneous mess….

some sort of monster puppet…

puppet and mess…
I know the bugs had fun but I sure wish the mess wasn’t so big!
I bet the first principal I worked for thought the same thing every evening when she went into my classroom – it was always a disaster – and I mean a disaster… my answer was: Learning is messy business… and it’s still true today!

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One thought on “When Mrs. Crabtree calls in sick…”

  1. creativity is worth the mess…next less…\”clean up! clean up! everybody…everywhere…clean up! clean up! everybody do your share\”…gotta love Barney! ROFL Hey…call it their music lesson!!

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