11 Interesting Facts about Me

I have a blog follower who writes beautifully. Her words are calm and bring me peace. She follows this blog as well as Gratitude-LittleThings-Contentment, my personal blog, AND my scrapbooking blog Happy Hive Scrapbooking, the one I struggle to keep up with!  Every *Like* encourages me to keep going… especially here at HomeschoolHoliday.com.

You see I had no idea who Neha Nandwana of My World is. She found me somehow, and “her world” has impacted mine in a big way. I don’t think Neha homeschools at all, but I think she is an amazing Human!

Recently Neha was nominated for a blogging award :The Vincent Ehindero Award. It is an award bloggers nominate each other for to spread positivity.

Neha certainly DESERVES this award in my book! She has brought positivity into my world on a weekly basis both through her writing, and by her participation on HomeschoolHoliday.com.

As part of receiving the award Neha had to answer a series of questions and nominate 10-30 other bloggers. Her Nomination was to all her readers to share 11 interesting facts about ourselves. I decided to accept Neha’s challenge in hopes to continue to spread positivity, and as a way to thank her for being a supporter of my blog. So here you go Neha, Here are 11 interesting facts about me:

You can watch the video version, or keep reading below.

  1. I live in my childhood home.
  2. I talk to the animals in my yard as if I were Snow White, and I like to give them little names. Robin the bird, Chatterer the squirrel and Oscar the opossum are the current friends I have. (Man, now I sound completely insane.)
  3. I consume coffee like it is water. Being home now with the stay at home orders, I am drinking a 12 cup pot by myself every day. My husband has his own coffee pot to use. We like different blends.
  4. I enjoy scrapbooking in my spare time and I attend 2- four day scrapbook weekends every year.
  5. I prefer not to drive, and will ask my husband to take me places so I don’t have to.
  6. I collect bees, but only if they are cute, not if they look like a real bee.
  7. I have taught at every grade level K-8 except first and second grades (unless you count my own children when they were homeschooled in those grades).
  8. My favorite book is MANDY by Julie Edwards
  9. I was named after the character Christy in the book by the same name, by Catherine Marshall. Serendipitously she was a teacher and so was I.
  10. My family moved to California from Jew Jersey when I was six. I still consider New Jersey my home.
  11. When I did my DNA testing I found out I was 100% European so I like to pretend I’m somehow royal. (There’s the insanity again!)

I began Happy Hive Homeschool Consulting, and it’s subsidiary, Homeschool Holiday to help people. I sincerely hope the information I post inspires you to learn something new each day. Our educational journey is never over, so whether you are a student, parent or teacher, or just seeking to learn more yourself – I thank you for stopping by. If you are so inclined to share my blog with others, I would love to do the same for you. Kindness begets kindness. Together we can grow and bring kindness to others.

May YOUR educational journey be blessed, at whatever phase you are in. Please take some time today to check out my blogging friend Neha and her blog: MY WORLD. I hope she inspires you as much as she has inspired me!

Christy – AKA Mrs. Crabtree

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